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Different Programs/Courses

Yoga TTC Global is registered with Yoga Alliance as a certified Yoga School. You’re eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT200 after completing the 200-Hour training program.

All RYT200 program graduates can apply for the 500-Hour program to advance their skills. On the other hand, you’re eligible for the RYT500 certification upon obtaining the RYT200 certification with Yoga Alliance. This advanced yoga program covers 300 hours of practice.

However, you can apply for both the 200-Hour and 500-Hour training programs at the same time if you aren’t RYT200 certified. You can complete both programs at the same time.


Instructors with Qualifications

Our instructors have years of experience, study, and bring unique personalities to yoga classes. Our team of teachers, massage therapists, and bloom teachers include:

  • Studio owner/founder – Anna R. Bradley
  • Studio manager – Kerry McCarthy
  • Studio administrator – Zach Maiorca
  • Front desk managers – Sarah Steph, Lee Partners, and Lucy Smith
  • Yoga teachers – Nicole Stone, Jen Brown, Abby Firestone, Rebecca Changes, Monica Janes, Jessie Novak, Oliver Charles, Deanna McCarthy, and Peter Brown
  • Parent educators – Jane Mwikali and Natalie Peters
  • Massage therapists – Mary Johnson and Jeff Cliffs

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