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Yoga TTC Global is an international yoga studio that offers online classes. We offer yoga classes as an opportunity for you to know yourself better. With our trainings, you can become the leading expert worldwide on your personal life.

We teach you how to observe yourself and the way you work. We believe that every individual is a laboratory for yoga. At Yoga TTC Global, you get access to a supportive environment where you can indulge in self-discovery, the spirit of learning, and experience ongoing growth.

Our team of yoga trainers are committed to offering yoga education; they love to learn every single day. We seek and offer ongoing educational opportunities for our team. This helps our trainers to advance their careers, including our own yoga practice and teaching.

Yoga TTC Global is happy to share the knowledge we’ve gained over the years through education, training and hands-on experience with you. All our yoga teachers are certified Yoga Alliance Continuing Ed Providers (YACEP), meaning they’re qualified to teach you yoga.

We provide several opportunities for our yoga teachers to access Continuing Ed hours through trainings, workshops and unique yoga classes. The YACEP stamp makes our workshops and classes eligible for every yoga enthusiast out there.

What’s more, you can easily verify our teachers’ certifications with Yoga Alliance.

Introduction To Online Yoga

Yoga TTC Global values inclusivity. We believe that every human being deserves kindness without subjection to bias based on religion, race, gender or sexual orientation. Any person can join our online yoga classes despite their body size, age or athletic abilities.

Our online yoga classes are accessible to ALL. Periodically, we offer yoga workshops you can join online from your home or office. We support various languages, including English, Chinese, Mandarin, Afrikaans, French, Spanish, etc.

Our consent-based touch culture allows our students to receive hands-on assistance or not, as desired. The various physical challenge levels we support include Level 2-3, Level 1-2, Level 1, Level 2, and Meditation.

We encourage everyone to use props to support alignment, whether you’re an experienced or beginner yoga practitioner. We modify our practice for injured students and advise them to be cautious during practice.

Adapt your postures and sequences based on your unique needs and according to our teachers’ suggestions or instructions. Occasionally, we offer donation-only classes for those who want to learn yoga but can’t afford to pay for our classes;


The Yoga TTC Global, a family-owned business, was founded in 2005. The idea bloomed out of a desire to start a community in pursuit of happiness and health as parts of its daily routine.

Our founder’s love for the environment also prompted her to start a yoga studio that’s environment-friendly. The varied studio choices reflect our dedication to sustainability.

Our studio features items made from natural materials such as bamboo and wood, recycled components, reclaimed wood and natural energy to support sustainability. We also offer vegan lunches.

At Yoga TTC Global, we’ve always believed that the key to a healthier, happier, stronger and more balanced life at the individual and community level is engaging in sustainable yoga consistently.

We’re a team of yoga lovers who enjoy sharing our skills and knowledge in the wellness practice with the entire world.

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