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Katy"Chandra Yoga was one of the best experiences in my life. I was already a Bikram Yoga instructor before I went to the course and thought I already knew quite a bit about yoga. I was wrong, and I learned more than I could of ever even imaged! The instructors were so knowledgeable, especially Dr. Sushil. I made friends for life and loved every second of it! I would go back in a heartbeat! Thank you, Chandra Yoga!"


-Katy Merlet, USA






Evgeniya Zotova"The month that I spend with Chandra Yoga doing my YTTC was the best time in my life... And it is totally true... Everything was just how it is supposed to be. This school helped me understand that everything is possible... With them I grew as yoga teacher. Super professional instructors, who were very kind and had a passion for what they do. There I met some of the best people, who became not just friends, they became my family. I just can say big big thanks to Chandra and all of the people who were teaching us. Big love to all of you. Namaste"
-Evgeniya Zotova, Russia






Carolina Granger"It was a privilege to travel to Dharamsala and take classes with such gifted teachers at Chandra Yoga! Their focus on teaching diverse styles of Yoga made it easier for me to choose the style that best suited my personal practice. They taught us to reach our maximum potential as far as our own body awareness, which facilitated the ultimate goal which is to connect with students' physical and spiritual needs. Most teachers had a different background and nationality, which added a unique element to each class. Before I started my training I had doubts that I could become a teacher myself, but only a couple of weeks upon returning home I taught a few classes and my students were completely satisfied and wanting more! One of the greatest experiences at Chandra was the connections I made with other fellow Yogis and the satisfaction that my teacher certification came from an organization filled with love and integrity."

-Carolina Granger, USA



Devin Hogan"It was an amazing experience I would not trade for the world. I grew as a person in every way possible. I knew when I signed up that it would be a chance to grow and learn but I had know idea it would be such a positive life changing experience -- I am so happy to be certified through Chandra Yoga International! My gratitude for the teachers and fellow yogis cannot be put in words."

-Devin Hogan, USA



“Chandra Yoga International changes my perception about Yoga. I came to the course with the thought of learning “a gentle balancing exercise called yoga.” But now I open my eyes with a new knowledge and deep understanding of what yoga means. It’s a trip, an adventure to come back to your home, your inner-self. Thank you Chandra Yoga to bring me home. Much love and see you back soon.”

-Cathy Pham, Australia



Naoko Kojima“First, I would like to say “Thank You” to all staff and teachers. When I was sick here, everyone worried about me, and really helped me, and I appreciate that. It was a good experience for me. It was hard actually, but I got very precious things. All of the things that happened here because of my treasure. I won’t forget about it. It was also hard to take and make the classes in English for me, but friendship helped me very much. There is more important things than language. We all learned about yoga everyday together. Thank you so much!”

-Naoko Kojima, Japan


Elizabeth Griffith"I absolutely loved my time with Chandra Yoga International. I had an unforgettable experience and gained immense amounts of knowledge and wisdom while making friends from all over the world. I would recommend this school to others in a heartbeat. Although I will say Chandra Yoga International has a strict policy on attendance and participation... Through my experience thus far, I have learned that not all yoga schools are created equally... and what sets Chandra Yoga apart from other schools is that it maintains tradition and holds one accountable for the journey of which an individual chooses to embark on with knowledge and support along the way. This school is the real deal. It is definitely challenging, but it is worth it."

- Elizabeth Griffith, USA



"Coming to Chandra Yoga international I began my journey new to the yoga world and left a confident yoga teacher. The teachers at the school are extremely knowledgable and helpful. It is truly a life changing experience. You get more out of a teachers training than just yoga, it has brought together people from various parts of the world and they become family."

- Jennifer Freeman, Canada




Deepak Kalsi“Chandra Yoga International is definitely a place to learn the yoga from the roots. I have done my 200hr and 300hrs from there and it was great experience of my life. Its easier to feel to feel overwhelm in India but there entire team is so supportive and friendly to make you feel more then at home. My first visit was in June 2012 (200hrs) in Dharamshala, Second visit was Sep 2012 (Internship), Third visit was in Aug 2013 (300hr) after that i found no reason to leave Chandra Yoga International i got my on Job training with Dr. Sushil for 7 months teaching pranayama and philosophy.
My recent visit was in Feb 2015. I spent a month to work on our future project and advance study on chakras with Dr. Sushil.
Yoga was the cultural thing where i grew up but i got to learn the fundamentals of it with Dr. Sushil's sacred knowledge of yoga. He started his yoga studies from his childhood till his Master and Phd from pure Yogic environmental school, university and ashrams.
I presently live in Canada running my own company for yoga events my website is
I definitely recommend this yoga school to begin for your spiritual journey of life.
May God keep me connected with Chandra Yoga"

- Deepak Kalsi, Canada



Mikhail“I came to Chandra Yoga with the intention to deepen my experience of yoga, and now I will leave fully satisfied: I’ve got knowledge, I’ve got practice, I’ve got experience. I would like to thank Dr Sushil, Rachel, Sandy, and Nino for their knowledge and for sharing it with me. Our group was wonderful too: nice people from all over the world and yet so different. Staff guys were taking good care of us! Thank you!”

-Mikhail, Russia



Tasha Miller“I really enjoyed the great group of international students and staff at Chandra. I feel like I learned a lot about yoga practices and business around the world. I appreciated the down to earth atmosphere and the positivity and supportiveness of the staff. The curriculum delivered exactly what was promised on the website – a comprehensive look at ancient Hatha. I learned so many new things that have definitely piqued my interest. I look forward to going home and continuing to build my personal practice and continue to learn more. The food was excellent and the rooms at Siddharth house were very comfortable! This is an excellent program for beginners and those seeking information and practices for a total look at yoga. Sad to leave! Thanks for a wonderful month.”

-Tasha Miller, USA




Niusia"I was only able to briefly join a teacher training yoga course with Sushil, and I found the 4 weeks very genuine, friendly and a wonderful  experience to my introduction into yoga. The collection of staff and other yoga practitioners were extremely welcoming, supportive and open, it was the perfect start to my new education and love of yoga. Thank you Sushil for that."

Niusia, South Africa



Natsuka"I participated in first yoga TT course and I was uneasy at first in the foreign country.  But, Sushil and the staff taught very kindly, I tackled in comfort and got things. I was able to study the cleansing techniques, the breathing techniques, etc. without familiarity by substantial contents.  By daily training, I was able to gaze at my feeling objective. 

I appreciate very much that it has participated in Sushil yoga school."
 Natsuka, Japan



"Before I came to India I had quite some expectations about the experiences I wanted to have here, including the spiritual development that this experiences will bring to me helping my mind to be more open, stable, wise, compassionate and healthy: and I can tell I had many experiences but most of them were not really spiritual teachings, to be sincere I was disappointed in many aspects but after I came to Mcleodganj, Dhramsala and I found the Yoga course of Dr. Sushil Yogi, I didn’t know what to expect because everyone knows that yoga exist and that they do all this crazy postures but not many people know that it is actually a very interesting system of believes which Dr. Sushil Yogi knows very well and which helped me to put my mind under a better control, but not only my mind, I could feel my body in a healthy shape, it was really amazing how finally Dr. Sushil showed me that part of Indian culture that I would take whit me back home, a part that fulfill my expectations that wanted to find a development in an spiritual practice and health and I will be always very grateful for this and specially for the kind and familiar way that he taught me and all the rest of my classmates. Thanks."

Arturo Baez, Mexico

 "I can highly recommend him as excellent yoga teacher. Sushil has taught people from many countries, he understands how to communicate with them and is sensitive to their needs. his assistants as the can demonstrate the fluidity and flexibility that yoga practiced correctly can bring to the body. They have an excellent mood. Sushil  bring a vast amount of pragmatic knowledge to his teaching, one that they practice and that is ingrained in them. I will definitely further my studies with him at every opportunity."

Gammadian Freeman, UK






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