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Chandra Yoga International offers rejuvenating yoga retreats in Rishikesh, Dharamsala, and Yoga Niketan India that promote yoga wellness regimes with the perfect mix of authentic spiritual Indian tradition within a comfortable, inspiring, and spiritually-charged environment.

Rishikesh offers a yoga retreat vacation with an amazing program and the chance to spend your time in a favorite yoga retreat tourist destination. A yoga retreat helps you utilize your break in the serenity of India and maximizes the effects of high-quality classes of your choice to suit your needs. Chandra Yoga International offers a great start to embark on your yoga journey with an exceptional yoga retreat and access to knowledgeable and qualified yoga instructors. A sumptuous organic Indian vegetarian yoga diet will rejuvenate and enliven your soul in the beauty, mystique and serenity of Rishikesh as you learn while having fun and taking care of your body.

Multiply your amazing yoga retreat experience of mediation & practice with a spacious, mountain-view yoga hall that has a calm and surreal surrounding effect. This retreat incorporates yoga benefits with spiritual exploration by connecting mind, body and soul. Choose from a variety of classes to improve your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Yoga Niketan Ashram opens you up to a remarkable experience and delivers exceptional yogic principles in the form of yoga vidya and a chance to spirituality to connect mind, body, and soul with the guidance and insight of qualified and experienced yoga teachers. Yoga practitioners and enthusiasts gain a well-rounded understanding and insight into the daily discourse of yoga lessons in the perfect atmosphere of the spacious Yoga Niketan Sadhna Hall or the meditation hall.

Please see our schedule of yoga retreats in India and workshops to see a range of programs from beginner to advanced levels with Yoga Teacher Training certifications or contact us directly to custom design one of your own. Our retreats are available year round, at any time that you are available to participate. Our all-inclusive retreats are offered in 1 and 2-week durations and can be adjusted to fit any schedule.


A sample day

Morning: You don’t have to be lark bird to enjoy the beauty of sunrise for well-being and relaxation. Combine the positive energy and warmth of sunshine with the practices of mindfulness and yoga therapy. Here you can start your "Sundaze" state of mind to witness the beauty of Rishikesh at the foothills of Himalayan Mountain with morning meditation class. After meditation class, awaken your body with a gentle asana flow. Then begin your perfect morning with breakfast time and enjoy a variety of meals throughout your stay including: traditional and healthy Indian breakfast food, a yogic breakfast of porridge, and wide selection of local fruits. 

Afternoon: Moving on with the afternoon is the first lecture class of the day. Yogic Philosophy is based on an interactive session of broad questions that may have crossed your mind from time to time, and give you a chance to re-examine your thoughts. Philosophy class is followed by a nutrient rich lunch of fresh sauteed vegetables, warm dal (lentil soup), rice, and raw veggies. After lunch, explore the inner workings of the human body with yoga anatomy class. 

Evening: The Alignment class lets you connect mind, body, and soul through various asana (postures) class, designed to deepen your knowledge of yoga asana.  Relax, revel and enjoy another appetizing meal at class end and sit, chat, and interact with new friends in our comfortable dining room while sipping some ayurvedic tea. Indulge in the three phases of yoga retreat, relaxation, and transformation classes and enjoy blissful day-long activities that revitalize your mind and body before retiring to your private room for the night. 



One week retreat $350

Two weeks retreat $650


* Private room with attached bathroom
* 3 Vegetarian yogic meals a day
* Shatkarma kit (for cleansing)
* Yoga textbook Book & notebook
* 1 day out tour (Sightseeing)
* free Wifi
  Advance booking fee for yoga Retreat-  US$ 90 (for one week Yoga retreat) and US$ 165 (for two-weeks yoga retreat).
Yoga Retreat in India


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