Yoga Internships in India

Chandra Yoga International is known for providing suitable yoga opportunity in the form of yoga teacher internships in India for students who have graduated from our 500 Hour YTT designated curriculum to apply to associate as an Internship with us. Selected at our discretion, yoga interns get the benefits to performing various tasks in exchange for proper accommodations, food, teaching experience and further studying with our master teachers. Besides exploring spirituality by getting in-depth Yoga knowledge the yoga teacher intern programs at Yoga Niketan Yoga Ashram comes with multiple benefits as it also offers an excellent medium and possibility to enrich your profile mention on your resume. 

As a yoga interns, your duties may include:

  • Receiving new students as they arrive for their yoga teacher training course
  • Passing out supplies and helping organize orientation day
  • Attending classes so that you are better able to explain concepts to our new students
  • Observing students in pranayama class to ensure that they are doing the breathing practices properly
  • Observing and assisting in asana class, improving your knowledge of the human body and ability to correct postures
  • Helping students with their homework
  • Aiding teachers as they set up for class
  • Providing feedback for students as they design and practice their sequences for teaching practicum.

Yoga Internship and Meditation

Interning with our yoga school endow you with a fabulous responsible opportunity that should not be taken lightly. As an intern, you have too extent your assistance as the student's go-to person for help in the absence of teachers. This is why the profile of an intern is more noteworthy as we insist students complete a dedicated 300 hours training, or full 500 hour yoga teacher training with us before they can begin the internship. It is our duty to all students to ensure that our interns properly understand our yoga school's philosophy, teaching methods/styles, and code of conduct before they provide information to students. 

If you are interested in becoming a Chandra Yoga International intern, please contact us for more details using the certified yoga teacher registration page, or email us at

Yoga Internship Class 

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