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The root of origin of Chandra Yoga hails from the Maharishi Yoga Vihar Foundation, duly established by Dr. Sushil Yogi. After successfully carrying out many yoga workshops, retreats, and intensive yoga courses worldwide, Dr. Sushil returned to Rishikesh to establish and lay the foundation of Chandra Yoga International, as a certified yoga TTC in India, offering prominent yoga courses. With the unique combination of his in-depth knowledge of the roots of yoga with enriching international yoga exposure and expertise, gave him the directional approach to start off with a well designed traditional and modern teacher training courses and curriculum. Yoga students and practitioners are fascinated with his outstanding intellectual understanding and ability to clearly and thoroughly explain yoga sequence with broad yoga topics, which is approachable and easily put into practice. Innovative yoga session and engaging lectures provoke your inner mind and instill a desire for introspection and self-discipline.

The newly completed Chandra Yoga Center in Rishikesh is a step forward in continuation towards Dr. Sushil's vision mission and yoga fruition towards yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. The new yoga center building offers exclusive panoramic views of the Himalayan Mountains replete with large, open comfortable spacious yoga hall for seamless yoga practice facilitating dining, studying, and relaxing with other students in between classes. The yoga courses in Rishikesh are now being held at Yoga Niketan Yoga Ashram. The pleasure of optimum comprehensive yoga health regimen is multiplied with a broad sequence of yoga practicum, held at spacious Yoga Niketan Sadhna Hall or the meditation room which is completely air conditioned providing ultimate comfort to the students, to enable them to practice meditation in all the seasons. The yoga room is spacious enough to accommodate up to 100 sadhaks. The comfort level is enhanced with the provision of cushions which are provided to sit upon with ease. Meditation classes are held early morning before yoga class and in the evening after yoga class. The Ashram is equipped with a neat and clean community kitchen, offering palatable food prepared in the hygienic environment, serving nutritious, pure vegetarian sattvic and yogic food to the yoga practitioners. Moreover, Sadhaks yoga enthusiasts are required to clean their own dishes after completion of their meals.


Our Mission

Authentic Yoga Teacher Training programs via Chandra Yoga International are designed to produce confident yoga teachers trained in the niche traditional yoga namely, classical Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. Yoga practitioners and students are accentuated with additional qualities of self-discipline, respect, and awareness by emphasizing the significance of following the yamas (social code) and niyamas (personal code), meditation, asana, and the practices of pranayama, with the in-depth study of philosophy.

A significant segment of the student’s fees goes directly towards the obtainment of Dr. Sushil’s vision in the form of Chandra Yoga International Ashram establishment official procedure. Therefore, the collected fees are divided into two yoga missionary approaches, one in the form of authentic delivery of unique, innovative and transformative international yoga training experience to enthusiastic students and another in paving the way for the future spiritual practice and exploration of deeper consciousness of humanity. The photos below were taken at the site of the future Chandra Yoga International Ashram. 



What we believe…

Chandra Yoga is yoga home to students seeking spiritual unification of mind, body, and soul. We duly respect the diverse backgrounds of each of our individual students, amazed by the magic of yoga having unique belief system influenced by their country, culture, family, or perhaps even their personal journey of seeking the truth. The traditional origin of Yoga roots back to an ancient system of Vedic rituals and beliefs, forcing any student to do anything that they are uncomfortable with is against our yoga ethics. We begin our yoga sessions in Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) program with the explanation and philosophy of “mantra” which is synonymous with the prayer or verse that is chanted in the mornings. Chanting mantras facilitate effective connection with the sense of God the Universe, the Great Power Source, or however you may define a higher power, in your way. We never ask you to pray to certain Gods or Goddesses although we will brief you to who they are and how they are related to the study of yoga. We respect each and every individual and their beliefs as we move together in the journey of yoga exploration with conversations and inquiring deeper into finding the truth. Yoga opens a wonderful opportunity to bring us all together as in reality, we are all one, as the inner significance of yoga is complete union and, not tear us apart by our “differences”. We focus on explaining the different concepts of the Vedic thought and Hinduism supported by wide reasoning that has influenced yoga (such as Hanumanasana- the splits pose- being named after the Hindu God Hanuman), behind it. We are here to practice yoga, the art of union which resonates with your close examination of yoga benefits that fits into your belief system, high. If it is something that you feel does not match up with what you believe to be true at this point of your journey, then that’s okay too. During the entire yoga classes and practices, we respect each and every individual and their beliefs.

What makes Chandra Yoga International unique?

The splendid yoga journey in the form of authentic yoga classes in India at Chandra Yoga has been fascinating as we feel proud to have trained some 3,000 students from various parts of the world in a span of glorious 4 years.

This time and experience have provided us with the knowledge to shape a program that fits well into the various needs of people attending our program from all over the world. Learning yoga and making it as an inseparable part of complete health regimen links to varied choices of yoga seekers and practitioners, as our yoga courses in India enhance qualifications and compliment the growing career of individuals with healing arts professions such as massage therapy, chiropractic practice, or reiki. While for others, choosing yoga teacher training in Rishikesh or Dharamsala augment and deepens their knowledge and personal practice. Irrespective of wider choices of students in yoga exploration, we have designed and created a well-optimized course curriculum that reaches into the hearts and minds of all of our participants. You will surely walk away from our program feeling that you have gained a new perspective and broadened your worldview. Our theory and teaching of the ancient art of Yoga connects well with your expectations which are thoroughly relevant to life today. This altogether applies not only to asana (the postures) but yoga philosophy and meditation as well. So if you are considering joining a Yoga Teacher Training in India, consider Chandra Yoga, as we have tailored our program to apply to the life of the contemporary individual in an uplifting and powerful way. 

Our staff and students on HOLI Festival in Rishikesh. 

The color play of Holi represents unity and diversity. On this special, sacred day, we cover each other in colors to show that we are all one, united in our differences. Although we are each unique and have different skin colors or hair textures, come from different walks of life, or have different languages, on HOLI we celebrate that when we are colored, we are all one. Under it all, we are all the same. This is the real meaning of yoga... union.



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